About the iZone

About the iZone

The iZone seeks to remove the barriers to learning. It is an inclusive network of professionals working together to improve the life chances of our students.

Mrs Goodwin Senior Assistant Vice Principal for Inclusion and Welfare.

The iZone is the pastoral hub of the Academy. It contains the behaviour, attendance, mentoring, safeguarding, EMAS and SEND support services. It is a service that empowers students to ‘be the best’ through additional support, advice and guidance. The iZone removes barriers to learning so that our students can grow academically and thrive as individuals.

The iZone is an essential dimension of academic excellence and is committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive learning environment in which everybody’s background, level of ability, culture and religion are respected, accepted and valued. It promotes an enriching and nurturing climate that seeks to influence and change student mindsets to become happy and successful learners who make positive life choices.

Support and Guidance

The support and guidance received from the iZone ranges from mentoring, counselling, health, language support, academic catch-up interventions and behaviour support.
The iZone helps and supports students to improve their behaviour, social skills and attendance so that they can achieve their full academic potential.

What we offer:

  • A safe place for young people
  • Homework support
  • Specialist professionals available on weekdays at all times
  • A Multi-agency approach
  • A Confidential non-judgmental service for our students
  • A Holistic approach to breaking down barriers to learning
  • A Universally accessible service for all members of the Academy.


It’s a chance for young people to find out more about issues that may be worrying them. If young people do have concerns about various issues, it can affect their home life, their school work and their friendships. We believe the best way to deal with it is to tackle it head-on. If you separate the fact from the myth about a subject, you can provide them with the reassurance they need.

Mrs Goodwin. Senior Assistant Vice Principal for Inclusion and Welfare