Find out more about our Academy Governing Council that Ofsted describes as "strong and committed to improving provision and outcomes for pupils at the school."

What does our Academy Governing Council exist for?

Our main reasons as to why we exist and our main purposes are:

1. Work closely with the Principal, the Senior Leadership Team and Staff to make certain that the Academy provides the very best education possible for every student.

2. To work closely with the Principal to develop and set the Academy’s strategic vision and goals through the most effective use of available resources.

3. To evaluate and monitor academic performance through discussion, presentation and understanding of relevant data in conjunction with the Principal and Senior Leadership Team.

4. To both challenge and support the Principal towards the achievement of annually agreed targets.

5. To be accountable to the pupils, parents, staff and local community for how well it carries out its strategic functions and oversight. In doing so to provide an annual report of its work to all stake holders.

6. In collaboration with the Principal and Financial and Operations Director to sign off the financial budget for the year and to monitor financial performance throughout the year, taking such steps as may be required to achieve a balanced budget.

It is important for stake holders to understand the role of the Governing Body, being one of strategic direction and support and it is not the for the Governing Body to involve itself in the day to day decision making process. That is the responsibility of the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team.

How is the Academy Governing Council created and who sits on it?

The important thing to understand is that increasingly Governors have some very concise responsibilities and therefore it is important that there are representatives from across a wide range of skills such as finance, business, education, HR and stake holder groups.

Our Governors are volunteers from the following areas:

Staff, Parents, Community, Education, Local Authority.

What does it mean to be an Academy Governor?

There is no doubt that in becoming a governor this will take time on a regular basis and more and more will require strong commitment and some passion in carrying out what is an unpaid role, yet one that can give certain individuals a sense of huge satisfaction to know that they are helping to make a positive difference to the lives of so many children and students.

You will need to give the time to read and understand the board papers, serve on a sub committee and perhaps even support becoming a link governor, supporting Heads of Faculty. This will give you a good understanding of what the teaching profession is experiencing on a day to day basis. This will be important in helping you to both contribute and make the right decisions for the students and the Academy.