Mr Lowry

Mr Lowry


After four years as the Vice Principal at the Academy, I took over as the Principal in September 2014.  Our excellent exam results in 2017 have ensured that the start to this academic year has been vibrant, energetic and successful.  The Academy is an amazing place to work not simply due to the outstanding facilities but mainly due to the hardworking and dedicated staff and successful and considerate students.  I have worked in a variety of schools in the West Midlands and Greater Manchester, all of which have offered opportunities and challenges, but it is this community that I have grown to love.  I have spent many years as a history teacher and more than most, I understand that in order to move forward you need to learn lessons from the past.  We are always trying to move forward at the Academy and consider how we can improve in order to provide our students with the best education in the city.

I care deeply about the future of this community.  This community needs a forward-thinking, successful and inclusive Academy to successfully ensure that all students in the local area contribute to the long-term success in the North of Stoke-on-Trent.  To that mind, we are more than simply a school that ensures its students achieve high levels of qualifications.  We have a responsibility to produce well-rounded and well-mannered young people who we would all like to have as a son or daughter.  As Principal I have the privilege of working very closely with the sponsors, the governors, the staff, parents and students to ensure that this vision comes to fruition.

We all ultimately want the same thing; a successful future for this city and its people.

You can contact me at or follow me on Twitter @principallowry.