Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

As part of The Co-op Academy Trust we aim to raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes and encourage students to consider a wide range of careers. Through careers education and guidance it is hoped that students will be encouraged to make the most of their talents and to go on to jobs or courses which suit their needs and intelligence.

We aim to ensure each student has:

  • been given the skills and confidence to aim high, be articulate and have the personal skills needed for success in further/higher education and in employment/training
  • provide sustained contact with employers, mentors and coaches who can inspire students
  • provide access to a wide range of activities that inspire young people (including employer talks, career events, motivational speakers, college and university visits)
  • received personalised, appropriate advice on short, medium and long-term destinations
  • been able to discuss the agreed way ahead with an individual who will then check that he/she is applying as early as possible and certainly within deadlines
  • had applications checked and improved in all aspects before they are sent
  • Had the opportunity for a useful work experience 
  • A quality CV which has been checked by staff
  • A reference prepared that is supportive and fair
  • Received plenty of interview practice 
  • Been given feedback after applications and interviews where he/she has not been successful
  • Offer impartial careers information, advice and guidance for years 8 -11 which:
  • Includes information on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeship and other vocational pathways
  • Promote the best interests of the students to who it is given

The CEIAG Team

At the Academy, we have a whole Academy approach to careers with all staff supporting the delivery of CEIAG through the pastoral system and within curriculum areas. In addition, we have a designated CEIAG team who co-ordinate and monitor the delivery of the Academy Careers Plan:

Andy Greenhough – Designated Governor
Chris Hall–Vice Principal – Behaviour, Curriculum and Assessment
Marie Cunningham – Head of Student Services, with responsibility for CEIAG
Anna Dunning – Careers Advisor
Emma Tatton– Work Experience/Volunteering Opportunities Co-ordinator

CEIAG Quality Award

In January 2018 we successfully gained the Stoke-on-Trent CEIAG Quality Mark which validated the work we do within the Academy around CEIAG.  Through the assessment, assessors stated that;

“CEIAG is highly valued within the academy and there is a clear ethos of supporting students to make well informed choices. Dedicated staff time and resources are made available for CEIAG with a linked member of SLT committed to driving the academy improvement plan. Governors offer extensive experience of post 16 education and training opportunities which supports and drives the CEIAG agenda well.”

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