Josiah Wedgwood

Born in 1730 in Burslem, Josiah Wedgwood proved himself to be a skilled potter by the age of 9 before going on to favour pottery design. He studied chemistry, specifically material science of clays and chemicals, to help him develop innovative clays and glazes for his work. He is described as a Pottery Businessman – founder of the iconic Stoke-on-Trent pottery company Wedgwood and is credited with the industrialisation of the pottery industry. His determination to succeed, put “The Potteries” on the map.

As a Head of Josiah Wedgwood, my role is to make our students more aware of the communities that they are part of, both in school and outside these four walls. Encouraging a sense of pride in themselves and the communities they represent. We arrange charitable activities to allow the students the opportunity to consider others less fortunate than themselves, thus hopefully encouraging compassion and consideration for others.

Miss Dawson – Head of Josiah Wedgwood