Reginald Mitchell

Reginald Mitchell was born in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, in 1895 and is famous for designing one of the most iconic aircrafts ever made, the Spitfire, despite having never previously received any formal training in aerodynamics. Mitchell is described as “an aeronautical genius”. He was also a man of great courage in the face of very grave physical adversity as he continued his design work despite being terminally ill.

My role as Head of Reginald Mitchell is to ensure all students feel a sense of belonging, promote the Academy vision and encourage healthy competition between the houses. I endeavour to pass on my enthusiasm so that the students have the opportunities to discover their potential and venture out of their comfort zone. Leading by example, Heads of Houses encourage students to think of others and engage in activities and charity events and are eager to find ways in which we can help the students celebrate their success.

Mrs Shufflebotham – Head of Reginal Mitchell