Heads of Year

Heads of Year

Each year group has a member of teaching staff as their head of year. If you have any question regarding achievement relating to your son/daughter then please contact the relevant head of year below.

Year 7 – Mrs Chilton

I’m Mrs Chilton and I am very excited to be working with our new Year 7 students! My main role as their Head of Year will focus around attainment and standards and to ensure that all students are making progress across our knowledge-rich curriculum and supporting them in their learning. I believe that with guidance and support, all students can be successful through hard work, resilience and determination.

Year 8 – Mrs Tatton

Inclusion is at the heart of everything I do at the Academy. Students who are moving into Year 8 will have my support and guidance to help them achieve their full potential. It is important to me that students feel supported to try new things, to push themselves academically and to explore extra-curricular activities. I am on hand to provide support for both their academic and pastoral needs, to help students build a platform from which they can continue to build on year on year – giving themselves every opportunity to be a success and start a new life in further education. This year, it is more important than ever, that students feel they have the support of their teachers and Head of Year, helping them to reintegrate into Academy life while feeling secure and safe.  During this challenging time I will be there to support, guide and encourage the students, to achieve their full potential.

Year 9 – Mr Jennings

As Head of Year 9 my role is to make sure students are achieving their potential. The students are my number one concern at all times and I will always make sure they are happy throughout their time in the academy. I have their best interests at heart. I believe all students need praise and by doing this they will want to achieve. As Head of Year I am approachable and love to work with the students whether 1:1, in a group or as a whole year group, by doing this I have built excellent relationships with students and have gained their trust. Year 9 is the biggest year group in the academy and on record the best for achievement so I look forward to making memories and helping all to reach their full potential and to ‘be the best’.

Year 10 – Mr Ahmed

I will be responsible for aiding pupils academically and pastorally, with the help of the amazing staff and senior management team, to grow into the great young people I know that everyone in the year can be. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the year group since Year 7 and look forward to seeing them all reach their full potential. The year group as a whole will have to work hard over the next few years to reach their potential, but there will be plenty of opportunities for them to be successful and for them to ‘Be the Best’.

Year 11 – Mrs Hewitt

My main role as Head of Year 11 is to focus on students academic achievement, support them on their learning journey and to ‘Be the Best’. I’m a firm believer in praise and rewards to encourage students to achieve and to enjoy their time at the Academy. Communication is key to their success not only with students but parents too.