English Faculty


We want you to:

  • Be excited and enthusiastic about what you are learning!
  • Feel valued.
  • Know your target grade and know how to improve your learning.
  • Join in with all of the activities in lesson that are there to help you learn confidently by yourself.
  • Ask interesting questions and tell us what you think, and what you’ve found out.
  • Tackle the challenges we set you, enthusiastically.
  • Tell us what you’ve learnt during the lesson.
  • Discover and learn new things for yourselves.

Faculty Vision

Students will attend, be punctual and participate actively in lessons within the faculty, due to the passion and commitment of Faculty staff.  Staff and students alike, will work together towards the goal of raising achievement. The Faculty staff will promote a love of language and model effective communication through their own interaction with students.

The Faculty will provide a relevant, accessible, inclusive curriculum for all pupils, to inspire and motivate them to want to succeed. The Faculty will provide a range of cultural visits to broaden students’ own experiences of English. Faculty staff will have a secure knowledge of what good and outstanding teaching is and all pupils will receive lessons of this standard on a daily basis. This will be achieved through the sharing of good practice, and a rigorous monitoring/evaluation system, implemented and sustained by the Faculty leader.

The Faculty will be a collaborative team who work together to create confident, effective communicators. Staff will have a wide range of ideas, passion and expertise to educate students to a high standard; to equip them with the skills they need to succeed in life, and to provide them with qualifications that will provide them with a choice of pathways, post-16.