Art and Design

Art and Design

The Art department consists of 2 specialists in Ceramics and Textiles / Fine art. We are located in the Performance faculty of the Academy. We are committed to ensuring that students leave the Academy with a range of enriched and skilled art and design based skills and techniques to continue their experience at a further level.

Through enthusiastic teaching, creative curriculum development, opportunities for students to work with artists and local colleges through our extensive programme of enrichment for all key stage 3, we aim to provide students with a rich and varied curriculum with strong links to our cultural environment.

Key Stage 3

Opportunities for social, moral, spiritual and cultural development are included in the schemes of work to give students a rich understanding of Art & Design throughout the world. Students are given the opportunity to develop their skills through a range of materials, such as printing, ceramics, 2D and 3D relief work and sculpture. During year 9, students start working towards the GCSE specification, following a project brief and collating work for the start of KS4. Some KS3 students are given opportunities to become engaged in workshops with the British Ceramics Biennial team, achieving Bronze award status from the Arts Council.

Key Stage 4

The AQA GCSE course is a two year course and it comprises of 1 major project and a portfolio of work. The qualification is made up of 60 % coursework and 40% external examination. The projects are developed to ensure a range of materials and techniques are utilised and students are encouraged to take the themes into different formats and outcomes. Students will study Practical, Critical and Contextual work in at least two of the following areas:

  • Painting
  • Textiles
  • Graphics
  • 3D studies (Ceramics, wire, mod roc)
  • Photography

Besides drawing, painting and ceramics, students will learn about the history of Art, Experimental Art and the influence of Art in modern technology. Students will also experience visits to local museums and galleries and workshops from artists, designers and craftspeople, as well as workshops at local colleges. A good GCSE qualification in Art and Design, gains you entry onto AS and A2 Level Art based courses or onto a number of specialist Art Foundation Courses at local colleges of Further Education. It is also very useful if you wish to follow a career in Architecture, Computer Graphics, Fashion, Hairdressing, Nursery Nursing, Teaching, Design and Manufacturing.