Music lessons take place in our music suite comprising of a main teaching and ensemble room, 4 rehearsal rooms and a recording studio. The teaching room and recording studio are equipped with Apple Macs featuring industry standard composition, production and recording software.

The department is very well equipped with each room containing a range of instruments including guitars, keyboards, drum kits and various other percussion instruments. Besides the recording studio students also have access to iPads for learning and recording purposes.

Key Stage 3

Students develop their practical music skills as well as developing a deeper understanding of a variety of musical forms through a range of practical experiences. Pupils first learn to develop rhythm and pulse set into the context of African music, performing on real African instruments. Pupils consolidate this learning through a Samba project with a focus on team work and leadership. Pupils learn how to improvise and develop their ensemble skills exploring Chinese music and the music of Indonesia.  Here, pupils learn how to use Gamelan techniques to compose, play in time with and lead large groups, and use the elements of music to create expressive, representational music.  Dance forms from classical music through to modern chart are explored and recreated.  Pupils then compose their own dance music using live instruments, Apple Macs and recording software.  Pupils explore pop, blues and rock music, forming their own bands and competing head to head in a ‘battle of the bands’ project. Pupils combine live performance with music technology, a range of musical styles and compositional techniques, to create their own piece of film music and develop music for computer games.

Students are also encouraged to join one or more of the many after school music clubs and school productions.

As part of our enrichment programme (The Edge) students are provided the opportunity to develop their own musical projects and are given extra time for band rehearsal and school projects.

Pupils are also provided with the opportunity to carry on, or take up for the first time, instrumental or vocal tuition in school working in partnership with a local music service.

Key Stage 4

Students currently follow a BTEC Level 2 course which contains two compulsory units which focus on employment opportunities in the music industry and the students own development. Students then choose two further units from a range of topics. This allows the student to focus on their strengths, whether it be solo performing, producing recordings, managing live sound, exploring computer systems or developing music theory. In each unit the student is faced with real life challenges such as public performance, organising a concert, producing a recording, and composing music.

The course provides an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy music and who wish to further their studies at Sixth Form College and beyond.