Performance Faculty Introduction

Performance Faculty Introduction

Performance Faculty – What a wonderful place to be!

Welcome to the Performance Faculty, which combines Music, Art, Drama, MFL & PE. In our Lessons, we always strive for fantastic levels of enjoyment, challenge, excitement and success.

You will love PE because you will get to work in a team and it is quite different from any other lessons. In PE, you will learn about the many facets of the sporting world – you will actively participate in and enjoy the high-quality PE lessons and after school sport opportunities that are available to every single one of you. Our sports team will help you to improve, reach challenging targets and achieve your potential.

For pictures of our amazing teams, please click on the link below!

Performance Team Photos

Art will give you a chance for you to be creative, individual and develop new skills. You will be able to express yourself through the amazing work you produce alongside our teachers who are full of endless enthusiasm and energy. Your experience of art will be enriched through the development of a range of methods and techniques as well as working with local, professional artists.

Our Music department is awesome because it will allow you to not only practice and improve your musical skills but also show your talents to others which is what lots of our students enjoy doing the most. There is an emphasis on teamwork and being able to perform and share musical ideas. As part of the enrichment program students arriving at the Academy who are already learning drums, guitar, keyboard, brass, woodwind, or strings at primary school are given the opportunity to join our ‘Academy Big Band’. There is also a vocal group for all secret singers. So come on, get yourself booked in!

Drama is unbelievably engaging and stimulating. You will be provided with an understanding of how drama can be used to inspire, provoke, and entertain audiences. You will both have fun, and face challenges when using your performance skills in this awe-inspiring environment. Here are a few pictures of our students participating in drama activities:

In the MFL department, you will be truly immersed into a European way of life. Learning a new language, a new culture, learning about yourself and developing new awe for your own linguistic skills will give you the passion to travel to ‘infinity and beyond……..’

Our Performance Faculty is exciting, engaging and inspiring. We can’t wait to meet you all.