Great Experience Awards

Great Experience Awards

Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze)

  • Y10 Melagie Bamuh
  • Y10 Gloria Ratubola
  • Y10 Hiba Zahir

Melagie, Gloria and Hiba have worked hard to achieve and complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. They have been on a 2 day expedition, volunteered, put time into an additional physical activity and practised a new skill.

Co-op Young Leaders Awards

  • Y9 Desola Laniba
  • Y9 Carla Contor

Desola and Carla are excellent role models for the younger leaders and new Year 7 leaders. Carla has led the music leaders programme and has led the loneliness project and has been a consistent support for all of the music leaders.

Learning Leader Award

  • Y7 Dia Ahmed
  • Y8 Jack Xu
  • Y9 Lara Kelsall
  • Y10 Rayan Ahmed

All of the the Learning Leaders winners opposite have been the lead learning leaders for their year group and have demonstrated a fantastic work ethos during lock down.


Scholars Awards

Top Points Winners (Year 7, 8 & 9)

Vina Saeed; Henna Qayum; Carla Contor and Olivia-Mae Colclough

Project Winners (Year 7, 8 & 9)

Catinca Mistreanu; Shea Carter; Desola Laniba

Year 9 Academic Mentoring

Afsara Khan