Special Awards

Special Awards

Above and Beyond Awards

Year 8 | Arshia Naveed; Ijaz Ul-Haq

Year 9 | Lara Kelsall; Carla Contor; Afsara Khan; Joel Collett; Mia Alcock; Melagie Bamuh

Year 10 | Gloria Ratubola; Wei Liu

The above students have achieved the Above and Beyond Award for completing every single lesson since home learning began. They have made fantastic effort in every lesson with detailed, developed, in depth understanding and work demonstrated. Well done.


Matthew Johnson Award for Music

Mia Alcock | ‘Mia has proven herself time and time again in music. She is diligent and incredibly hard working. She has taken on both a BTEC and a GCSE in music, frequently attends music clubs, and has showcased her talent by representing the school on numerous school functions and out-of-school concerts. In band practices and group work Mia naturally takes the lead and inspires and helps others to excel. We are so lucky to have her in our Academy.’
Mr Ward

Asim Mahmood Award for Sport

Todd Tinsley | Todd has been an outstanding student throughout his time at the Academy. He has a thirst for knowledge and constantly asks to further his learning and improve his performances both in the practical and theory elements of the subject. He has been a key member of the basketball team, helping them to a very successful year.

Goldline Emma Murray Award

Lara Kelsall | Lara always tries to put the needs of others before herself, She cares about her friends and the staff in the academy. During lockdown she has demonstrated her selflessness by enquiring after her teachers’ wellbeing. She is known for her involvement in projects that show her determination to help others whether through her work with CYL or litter picking in the community. A truly kind student worthy of the award.

Principal’s Award for Achievement

Sarah Dif | Sarah is a superb academic student who has the potential to reach grade 9 across the board. The brightest student on record. Well Done.

Governor’s Award for Effort

Mo Altobi | Mo has matured into such a kind and caring young man who sees the importance of doing well at school and due to his hard work is accomplishing great progress and in the process is making us all proud.