A message from the Science Department

A message from the Science Department

We have provided work to help excel our 9-7 students and support the progress of our other students over the summer holidays. We as a Science Department are committed to ensuring everyone gets the best possible grades and are willing to provide additional support to ensure this.

We will do this over the summer holidays using 2 new google classrooms:

Combined Science Support (code = hvgs2r6)

Triple Science Support (code = qh7mjdr)

Via these classrooms, students will receive support with regards to target revision of key topics specific to their exams.

They will receive a revision assignment at least once a week to help them stay in the learning routine. Over the course of the weeks, we will alternate between Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The revision will recap the key content and develop exam techniques to help students prepare for their exams. 

Please use the codes outlined above to join the classroom and email Mr. Ahmad directly if you require any further support.