The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

Coming soon!

Arts & Culture Festival

10th – 20th June

We will be hosting an Arts and Culture Festival in June, led by our Arts and Culture Pioneer. The theme of the week will be ‘Childhood’ – with various activities (including nursery rhymes, playground games and clapping songs) designed to help take you back to your younger days.
There will also be…
  • art competitions, audio & video recordings
  • cross curricular links to art, technology, ICT, drama, music etc.
  • games & fun at break and lunchtime
  • 20th June – the main event – to include a toy museum and art gallery
  • school desserts from the past (hopefully no tapioca)
  • fun for staff and students
The week is still being planned so expect to see more details released in the coming weeks!