Let’s Tackle Online Hate Together

Let’s Tackle Online Hate Together

Online hate can affect anyone.

Sharing hateful messages about individuals, groups or communities online can have serious consequences and the ubiquity of social media means it’s now even easier to target people all over the world. It’s important children know how to respond and how they can set a positive example.

The Euros, which welcome 24 teams from 24 different countries, playing it out in 11 cities across 1 continent, are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs – and the perfect way to deliver one universal message – let’s tackle online hate together.

In the guide, you’ll find tips on a number of tips such as talking to trusted adults about upsetting things, setting a positive example online, and remembering that you have the power to shape your online world.

Make sure you know how to report content on any sites or apps that you use. Don’t be afraid to report any hateful posts that you see.

Don’t respond to the people positing hate: sometimes an ongoing conflict is exactly what they want. Instead, report, block and unfollow them.

Set a positive example through your own online behaviour. Before you post or share anything, ask yourself if you would say it to someone offline.

Show support for online campaigns against hate and ‘like’ posts that you see promoting positive messages. You could leave an encouraging comment, too!

If you see upsetting messages online, talk to your friends and family about them. Maybe take a break from the app or site you saw them on.

Remember that you have the power to shape your online world. Engage with posts or accounts that inspire kindness and connection, and block or unfollow the ones that don’t.