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Students’ enjoy Digital Skills workshop

Students’ enjoy Digital Skills workshop

Some of our Year 7 students’ were lucky enough to have The Digital Skills Company visit them this week, as they delivered a full day’s workshop on digital skills and online life.

Shelley and Laura guided the students’ through the murky online world, as they learned about advertising; clickbait; viral campaigns and much more.

Milly said: “It was a bit of an eye-opener really. Some of the things we learned were scary; some amazing.”

The workshop really got going when the students’ got into groups to discuss “falsehoods spread faster online than truths.” Year 7 were amazed to find out that some topics that went viral online were actually false, and never really happened (like the London Eye being on fire during the London riots, and giant 4-foot rats found in London).

In groups, the students’ were tasked with a fact-finding mission. They delved into some stories that have gone viral online and had to pick out the facts and the falsehoods. This included reading articles all the way through (rather than just the headlines) and picking out certain language. This included the words ‘purported’; ‘rumoured’ and ‘opinion’ – words which the students’ learned were used by journalists when they don’t have any actual evidence for the story they are telling.

Jack said: “It was really interesting. Made me more aware of what is going on online and what to look out for.”

Canva was then used as the students’ created digital posters about factfinding online. This put their creative skills to the test as they had to use the software to showcase everything they had learned during the day. This followed a session of ‘bingo’ where the students’ had to decide whether online posts/articles were fake or true.

Shelley Metcalfe, who ran the workshops alongside Laura Cunningham, said: “We equip children and young people with thinking skills for the digital world. Our Digital Thinking programme improves life chances by teaching essential digital information literacy skills – empowering young people to access reliable information and avoid misleading media online.”

Year 7 really enjoyed the workshops and produced some great work. We are thankful to The Digital LifeSkills Company (especially Shelley and Laura) for visiting us and delivering the sessions. We hope to host more in the future.