Summer Work

Summer Work

Here you will find work as you transition from one year group to the next.


It is hopefully going to be a long hot summer and we do want you all to have a break. However, there is plenty of time over the next 6 weeks for preparing for learning in September. Our wonderful staff have worked hard to compile preparation work that will ensure that you all have a successful start to the new academic year.


Year 7 into Year 8

Summer Booklet 2020 Year 7 into Year 8


Year 8 into Year 9

Summer Booklet 2020 Year 8 into Year 9


Year 10 into Year 11

Summer Booklet 2020 Year 10 into Year 11



Welcome to Year 10

Our staff have worked really hard to prepare materials for you below that will ensure that you are ready for Year 10 in September. In Column A you will find an introduction to the subject and some familiar faces. In Column B you will find an overview of the course and finally, in Column C there are pre-reading tasks to help you to prepare for September. All you have to do is to click on the link in each box.

Please take advantage of the time you will have over Summer to look at your option subjects and be in a brilliant position to be the best you can be in Year 10.


Click the link below to view the document. Each bit of text that is blue is a clickable link. By clicking on these, it will take you to the information you need.

Key Stage 4 Transition July 2020