The Emma Murray Award

The Emma Murray Award

This term we have awarded our annual Emma Murray Award for Kindness this week to Year 7 student Marcel and Year 10 student Calla.

Both students were nominated by staff for the kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion they show to others, every single day.

One of Marcel’s many nominations read, ‘Marcel is always the first to offer to help, to replace a forgotten pen for another student, to hold the door for a teacher, to check in with his classmates to see how they are…the list goes on. He is incredibly kind to everyone, every day.’

One of Calla’s nominations read, ‘Having known and worked with Mrs. Murray, I know that she would have championed students like Calla. The student when everything is against them, push through and succeed. Calla is selfless and a role model to all.’

Marcel and Calla are the fourth recipients of this award that began in 2019 after the tragic death of inspirational English teacher and PSHE Lead, Emma Murray. Emma began her teaching career at the Academy and soon became a much-loved member of staff by students and colleagues alike.

Emma taught the students that being kind matters, how you treat other people matters, and striving to do the right thing matters.

It is for these reasons that this award is so fitting and a chance for students who embody Emma’s values, day in, day out, to receive recognition for being such wonderful members of our Academy community. 

Both students received a beautiful sunflower trophy (Emma’s favourite flower) and cinema vouchers, all provided by Emma’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. 

Our winners are pictured by a bookcase specially designed for Emma by our Technology department, which now has pride of place in The Emma Murray Library at the Academy.

Marcel and Calla both plan on spending their cinema vouchers in the school holidays. On being informed of their win, both students were very shocked but very pleased with Marcel commenting, ‘It’s nice to think of others. It’s good to see people smile.’

We’re certain that Mrs. Murray would agree.

Congratulations to you both!