Year 8 students succeed together at Kingswood

Year 8 students succeed together at Kingswood

A group of 22 Year 8 students went on a three day residential to Peak Adventure, Sheffield where they took on an amazing array of challenges, which involved working together as a team and using logic to solve problems.

Amongst the activities, the students took on Jacob’s Ladder, navigating their way up a giant high ropes ladder of horizontally suspended logs,  with the ever-increasing gaps between the rungs. The students had to effectively communicate with each other, discuss their options, weigh them up and decide on the best course of action in order to beat the ladder.

They also took on the 3G swing, working together to hoist one student in a harness up in the air on our 3G swing, as high or low as they wanted. The students then pulled the ripcord to release themselves and felt the G-force as they swung back and forth.

One of the toughest challenges was the Leap of Faith, where the students had to climb to the top of a 10-metre pole, before counting to three and putting their faith in themselves as they jumped and reached out to catch a mid-air suspended trapeze.

The other activities included bouldering (indoor climbing walls where the students climbed sideways; upside down and through tunnels); archery (which allowed the students to develop dexterity, control and precision); zip wire (which saw the group gain confidence and determination as they cheered each other on) and Aeroball (a combination of trampolining and basketball with the students developing their fitness and skill development, alongside tactical thinking and good group communication skills).

It wasn’t all challenges as the students enjoyed a campfire; a disco and the opportunity to watch some of the World Cup.

Head of Year 8 Mrs Hewitt said: “What an amazing experience it was.  Our students were certainly challenged and succeeded. As their Head of Year I was so proud and they were an absolute pleasure to be with, kind, caring, fantastic team work and a brilliant laugh from start to finish.”