ICT Introduction

ICT Introduction

Hello Year 6 and welcome to our Academy.

In the Creative Technologies Faculty, you will be learning about all of the fun subjects like ICT, Computer Science, Business Studies, Technology, Food & Engineering.

So what is ICT like at the Co-op Academy?

In Year 7 you will have three ICT lessons every two weeks and in your ICT lessons you will learn about 3 different strands:

ICT, Computer Science and Digital Literacy.

ICT involves using spreadsheets and databases and creating animations.

Spreadsheets – You will learn all about formulas and functions
Databases – These will be used to collate, sort and filter data
Animations – Using still images and adding effects to bring them to life


Computer Science is all about networks, hardware & software and programming.

Networks – You will learn how computers are connected together
Hardware & Software – You will be looking at what is inside a computer
Introduction to Computing – Using a programming language to write programs


Digital Literacy involves online communication and online safety and making sure you know all about how to stay safe online.

Email – You will learn about the different features of email and how to communicate effectively online
Online Safety – You will learn all about your personal online safety and how to reduce risks to your private information


To give you a taster of what sorts of activities you will be doing we have created a fun “What is inside a Computer?” task for you to complete before you join us in September, so have a go and have fun!

For a bit of coding fun why don’t you visit this website and have a go at practicing your coding skills, https://studio.code.org/courses – scroll down to Hour of Code, choose a Topic and get coding (Hint: Minecraft is a good one to start with)

We are really looking forward to seeing you, and helping you to develop your ICT, Computer Science and Digital Literacy skills, take care and see you in September.