We have been made aware of a further positive Covid-19 case
As a precautionary measure all Year 11 have been sent home to self isolate and work remotely. More information to follow.
iZone Introduction

iZone Introduction

The iZone is the pastoral hub of the Academy. It contains the behaviour, attendance, mentoring, safeguarding, EMAS and Learning Support services. It is a service that empowers students to ‘be the best’ through additional support, advice and guidance. The iZone removes barriers to learning so that our students can grow academically and thrive as individuals.

The iZone is an essential dimension of academic excellence and is committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive learning environment in which everybody’s background, level of ability, culture and religion are respected, accepted and valued. It promotes an enriching and nurturing climate that seeks to influence and change student mindsets to become happy and successful learners who make positive life choices.

Download the presentation below to find out about our iZone staff and the great work they do in supporting our students.

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