Work Ready

Work Ready

Work Ready aims to improve the employability and soft skills of young people so that they can secure an apprenticeship or move on to higher education with the skills needed to succeed. All of our training is delivered in an interactive format and is offered completely free of charge to partner schools and colleges.

We produce employability modules which focus on key soft skills such as confidence, communication and leadership. These modules provide key training in a bitesize, video-rich format and offer students CPD certification upon completion. They sit within micro websites that are tailored to a school or college’s needs, feature their branding and link students with work experience and apprenticeship opportunities from our employer partners.

You can view a sample here:

We also produce a range of lesson resources to aid the delivery of this key skills training; these lesson packs feature module workbooks, lesson plans and slide decks.

Our resources are completely free for partner schools and colleges and are a fantastic way of meeting the Gatsby Benchmark criteria. To find out more about our work please call us today on 0207 622 9399 or email