Year Managers

Year Managers

There are 5 Year Managers who are responsible for the monitoring of student behaviour and attendance of individual year groups. The Year Managers are the first people to call if you need any pastoral support and guidance or if you need to raise a concern about your child.

Year 7 – Mr O’Dea

My role in the Academy as a Year Manager is to offer support to students, staff and families.  I promote the Academy’s inclusion ethos and policies and offer support to allow students to remove barriers to learning and reach their full potential. I believe that a Year Manager has the opportunity to promote success and responsibility both in and out of the Academy, giving the students the fortitude to succeed at whatever they do. (

Year 8 – Miss Brown

As a year manager, it is my responsibility to be the first point of contact for students and parents for any inclusion issue(s). Previous to my role as a Year manager I have held posts in pastoral care. As a Learning Support Practitioner and as a Mentor, getting to know the students and their needs, has enabled me to build positive relationships and mutual trust in working together to achieve potential and be the first point of call. (

Year 9 – Mrs Aitken

I am the Lead Year Manager. I coordinate the behavioural support for all students. The izone is an essential service that addresses the underlying issues faced every day by all children.  Each year group has a designated year manager who supports a child’s journey through the Academy. I am proud to represent the Academy and serve my local community. Over the past 10 years, I have seen the Academy go from strength to strength. (

Year 10 – Mrs Proudman

I have been in a student support role for 15 years, have a degree in psychology and mentoring and coaching.  I am here to support the students in the Academy, helping them to obtain high attendance, great grades and to become healthy, happy adults.  I want them to access every opportunity available, enabling them to have a successful future.

I work as Year Manager and Attendance Officer within the pastoral team and izone. My role is to support students through their high school career. My work includes having regular contact with parents to build relationships and break down communication barriers. I see my role as an important part of our students’ learning, progress and personal development. My priority is to ensure our students are happy, safe and attending each day. (

Year 11 – Miss Holdcroft

I am the Academy’s Deputy Safeguarding Officer and IZone coordinator and I also oversee the behaviour and welfare of Year 10. I have worked in Youth Justice for 17 years and I am highly experienced in supporting young people and families to overcome challenging circumstances. I am passionate about improving the life chances of our students regardless of their situation or background. (