Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Language skills are increasingly in demand from employers and are a requirement to get into some of the top universities. According to a new report released by the British Council in 2018, Spanish and French are amongst the languages most in demand by businesses and there is a shortage of employees with the right language skills. Can your child stand out amongst the competition by being the linguist businesses need?


At Co-op Academy of Stoke-on-Trent, we want every student to develop:

  • A confident competence in a foreign language
  • A solid foundation of communication and transferable language learning skills upon which they rely in the future
  • An awareness, appreciation and tolerance of other cultures and ways of life.


Curriculum KS3

Our KS3 Curriculum in Spanish has been developed to offer clear progression to GCSE whilst also developing an awareness of language structures and the “hows” and “whys” of language learning. Lessons are enriched with real Hispanic culture with real life texts and resources such as video clips, songs, poems and stories with the aim of making the Hispanic world real.

Curriculum KS4


From September 2018, we will be following AQA GCSE Spanish (8698).

Official documentation can be found on the AQA website:

Students currently in Year 10-Year 11 (2018-2019) are following AQA GCSE French (8658) 

Official documentation can be found on the AQA website:


How to help my child in Spanish/French


  • Support weekly vocabulary learning. Students can log into to access the vocabulary lists for the modules.
  • Encourage interest in Spanish/French music and news.
  • Ask your child about what they’re learning (and even “how” they’re learning)
  • Encourage your child to catch-up and complete any work they have missed