Other Essentials

Other Essentials

Equipment for lessons

All students will require a pen (s), pencil (s), ruler, basic maths equipment and a pencil case to put them in. Stationery can be bought from the Academy at a cost of….


  • Pen: 15p
  • Pencil: 10p
  • Ruler: 15p
  • Maths Set: 50p
  • Clear / Coloured Pencil Case: 50p
  • Total Set: £1.25


Every child at the Academy receives a student planner. There is a section devoted to homework. In the planner homework tasks are recorded and provide the opportunity for careful monitoring of the tasks set and their successful completion. As children need somewhere quiet to complete their homework please remember, the Learning Resource Centre is available at 3.20pm every day. If your child completes their homework at home please ensure they are able to concentrate and focus on the task set. The planner is an important part of home/academy communication. Sections are used for: Absence Notes, Parents’ Evening appointments and Medical Appointments.


Each child is allocated a locker and will be required to provide a £5 deposit. This is refundable upon the return of the 2 locker keys at the end of each year. Valuables must not be left in lockers. The Academy cannot accept responsibility for loss of items from the lockers. If mobile devices are brought on site, the Academy cannot accept responsibility for them. There are strict rules as to when and where mobile phones are allowed to be used during the school day.