Rewards and Consequences

Rewards and Consequences

We believe that being organised and punctual are important skills for life.  

Equipment: We expect all students to bring the ‘3Ps’ to the Academy; pen, planner and P.E. kit.

Mobile Phones: All mobile devices should be switched off in the classroom and in the learning zones.

On-Time: All students are expected to be on-time to school and to every lesson during the day.


Students who meet all of the academy expectations in lessons receive positive attitude to learning scores which leads to Golden Time for students and positive texts and postcards home.  


If a student fails to arrive to lessons on time or does not have the necessary equipment, they will receive a twenty-minute lunchtime detention on the same day run by the Head of Faculty.

If the detention is given in P4 or P5, the detention will run the next day.

To avoid having to issue consequences we use ‘assertive discipline’. You can find out more by following this link.