A Recipe For Success

A Recipe For Success

We are tremendously proud of the diversity within our Academy,  which is cited by Ofsted as a real asset. In recognition of the special role that our Academy plays in embracing cultural diversity, we have launched our own cookbook.

The cookbook consists of contributions from staff; students; parents and carers. Contributions from around the world which hold importance to those who have put them forward.

The recipes in the book have an explanation with them, that details why they are important to the individual who has taken the time to contribute. They give a colorful backdrop to the richly diverse community that we have.

Diversity Pioneer Mr. Moore, who came up with the concept, said:

I genuinely believe that our Academy is a special place. It provides a safe and supportive environment which embraces individuality and diversity and allows for the flourishing of student potential and attainment. The values which imbue our Academy binds us all together and are clearly reflected and adhered to by both staff and students.

It is intended that this cookbook should be a celebration of all the different aspects that make our Academy great.

Please click the link below to see the cookbook in full. Why not try and create each dish at home? Send us pictures of your efforts and we will publish them online. You may even be invited into the Academy to recreate them. Or even better, send us your contributions (lmoore@cas.coop) so that we can add them to the cookbook.

Tastes of the Academy