The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.


  • Parent Mail (Free app for Parents and Carers) | Communicating with parents is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about school news, activities and things that really matter is something we care about. Registering with ParentMail is very easy! Over the next few days, you will be sent either an email and/or text message from ParentMail, when you receive this please just follow the instructions in the message. If you need any additional information or assistance please contact Mr Tomlinson ( – 01782 882300) or go to Please note that we intend to use ParentMail as our sole method of communication from September unless specific alternative arrangements have been made otherwise. Read more here. 


  • Update Your Details | We need your help. Our aim is to go completely paperless. This means the more parents and carers who have our app, the better. This will become our main way of communicating. To make sure we can send the link out, we need to make sure we have the right email address. When you get a spare two minutes, we would appreciate it if you could update your details. (This is a confidential process; no-one else will see your details). To do this, click here.


  • Parent Pay | We operate a cashless system at the Academy using the online service Parent Pay. All of your child’s payments are made using Parent Pay including meal payments, trip payments, academy transport and much more. If you would like any assistance in setting up your Parent Pay account or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or ring 01782 882300. For a step by step guide, please click here.


  • Car Park | Parking at the end of the day is becoming a real issue. Specifically, parents and carers are parking illegally on double yellow lines and across local residents driveways.  We have had several complaints from local residents. We are all part of the same community and we would ask for consideration from our parents and carers.


  • Languages Day | Our staff and students took part in Languages Day last month, as they celebrated the many different languages spoken in the academy and around the world. Students took part in a music quiz, with songs played from around the world, with students and staff guessing which country they originated from.


  • Online Safety Mark | We are so pleased to announce that we have yet again been successful in achieving the prestigious nationally recognised 360 Online Safety Mark. We have been accredited for another 3 years and can celebrate our good online safety policy and good practice. We have met or exceeded all benchmark national standards in 28 aspects of online safety that the award assesses, under the 4 main categories: Policy & Leadership, Infrastructure, Education, Standards & Inspection. This is an opportunity to celebrate how we manage Online Safety and all the great ways we keep ourselves safe. Here is a link for online safety guide for parents.


  • Hegarty Maths | Hegarty Maths is a website that helps to improve independent students in maths, it can be used on any device that can connect to the internet.  We use Hegarty Maths for homework for all year groups. 2 pieces of homework will be set on Hegarty Maths every yellow Monday and due in every green Friday for all year groups. Parents can help by asking their child to show them the Hegarty home page where you will be able to see if they have homework due in (the red number on the top right of the screen). When completing a homework task students should:

    1) Watch the whole video clip and pay close attention.

    Then in their Yellow Hegarty Book:

    2) Write a summary of what they have learnt into their yellow Hegarty book.
    3) Complete the questions in their Hegarty book.
    4) Mark each question one they have typed in the answer
    5) Write their percentage score at the end.

    Thank you for your support with maths homework.


  • Co-op week | Last week we held a Co-op week at our academy. Students participated in a variety of activities (designed their own street sign/building plaque; learnt about Fairtrade via the journey of Fairtrade products; wrote letters about co-operation; wrote stories about the Rochdale Pioneers) as well as debates (should you be made to go to school? and has health and safety gone mad?) Students in art designed their own homage to Fairtrade to mark 25 years of the Fairtrade mark whilst taking part in Fairtrade sports (dizzy football; netball and basketball). But the biggest hit of the week was the Co-op food samples that staff and students tucked into during break and lunch. They answered questions about the Co-op and then got to sample chocolate; crisps; bananas; hot chocolate; biscuits etc. Finally, congratulations to Mr Wicken’s form who won the Fairtrade Quiz; Mr Ahmad’s form who won the Staff and Students Co-op Quiz and Mr Rashid’s form who won the Co-op Quiz. 


  • Eton College applications | Well done to five of our Year 11 students, who have passed stage 1 in their application process for Eton College. The students have worked extremely hard in their five years with us, and this would be a great culmination of their hard work and commitment.


Dates for your diary!

University Week | Monday 14th October to Friday 18th October (a week dedicated to raising the aspirations of our students by talking about everything university related – including trips out to universities).

Scarefest | Wednesday 23rd October (A rewards trip to Alton Towers for the students with the best attendance in the academy).

Last day of term | Friday 25th October (normal start and finish times for students).

First day of term | Monday 4th November (normal start and finish times).