Principal’s Letter

Principal’s Letter

September 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to begin my first letter of the year by extending a warm welcome to all the Year 7 students and new parents and carers that have joined us this month.  I know that this will be the beginning of a very productive relationship between us.  

GCSE Results 2019

A school is more than a set of results, as you will know from our emphasis on personal development.  However, GCSE results matter as they enable our students to take the next steps in their lives and reach their potential.  2019 was yet again a brilliant year for the academy! Some of the highlights included:

  • Record number of passes in English and maths!
  • Highest ever (16%) number of top grades in maths (grades 9-7)!
  • Record results in RE; PE; business studies; engineering and music!
2016/17 2017/18 2018/19
Grade 5 (strong pass) or above in both English and maths GCSE 23% 36% 33%
Grade 4 (pass) or above in both English and maths GCSE 43% 53% 58%

In amongst some really pleasing GCSE headlines for the academy were some amazing individual achievements from students of all abilities.  We are so proud of our Year 11 leavers and we wish them all the best in their further studies and training.  

Extra Curricular Activities

We are pleased that our link with local partner Engage Communities is going so well.  Engage are now offering three coaches every lunchtime for us and five coaches at the end of the academy day.  This supplements our existing offer of extra-curricular activities which was already extensive. All activities that we offer are free of charge.  Please encourage your son or daughter to join a club or come to an activity in order to take full advantage of the opportunities we have here.  

Open Evening and Admission for September 2020

We held our open evening for prospective students in Year 5 and 6 on Thursday 26th September.  It was very well attended and we anticipate that once again we will be heavily oversubscribed. If you have a son or daughter in Year 5 or 6 and want to speak about admissions please contact Mrs Garrity (Director of Transition) on


Unfortunately we have had to issue reminders to parents and carers about inconsiderate parking around the time of afternoon pick up.  Please can all parents and carers be considerate of our neighbours by parking legally and not blocking driveways, this is for the safety of both your and others’ children.  Please do not arrange to pick up your child in a parking exclusion zone / double yellow lines or on the main Brownhills/Davenport Road.

Parent Pay and the Academy App

A reminder that we are a cashless academy and that all meals and trips need to be made via ParentPay.  If you have not already signed up you can do so here.

In addition we will now only send letters out via our Academy App.  If you haven’t downloaded the app you can do so here.

The Scholars Programme

This term we have launched our Scholars programme, the successor to our Delta Stars programme. The aim of the programme is simple: we want our most gifted students to have the same experiences as those attending the most elite schools in the country.  

In order to achieve this we intend to provide them with academic, professional and cultural opportunities so that they can successfully compete for places in higher education and, subsequently, the careers in the professions.  

Upcoming dates for your diary

Year 7 and 11 Photographs – 4th October

Year 7 University Week – 14th October – 18th October

A reminder that if you wish to speak to anyone at the academy, please contact either your son or daughter’s form tutor or the year manager for that year, details of which are here

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr N Lowry